About Me

About Me.


“Success isn’t how far…

“Success isn’t how far you got, but the distance you traveled from where you started.” Steven Prefontaine

One of the things to keep me going when you want to stop and give up.  What do YOU have to do in order to reach YOUR success level not the success level everyone expects from you.

Be a Beast !

Just looked at the over all world indoor marks for the pentathlon. -_____- all I can say is… wow! Its amazes me how good these girls are. Certainly makes you work harder for sure! Had a couple good workout this past week with an awesome supporter, coach,  and friend. It amazes me when god gives you such a great gift others do not have and everyone can see it! Good things happen to great people, but so do bad things the goal is to keep pushing through the bad to get to your great. Not giving up and staying completely submerged in what you start will take you a  long way 🙂