I had one of the best conversations today. For all those out there this might be a little deep for you lol. But how often do people struggle with the difference between being a little selfish (what some great athletes must be at times) or doing everything you do to glorify god?

You want to compete and do well but you do not want to get caught up in self-worth. You don’t want to do bad because your competitive but half the time you look for the opportunity to one up someone. Then some how feel content with how you do because god gave you the ability you have even though it sucked. Its called balance something I just recently found out is hard!!!Things in life and situations coin who
you are, and there are times when some people will do a complete 360 and look back at the person they once where. More times than often the struggle is how do I honestly go back to being that selfish athlete to be a good competitor and understand that everything I do is for a greater purpose than myself. :\ ugh! The process of life. PS. Still have not found an answer! I think its honestly like flying you know your going to a destination and how your going to get there… but it the getting there that you cant be positive about…Hmm IDK what do you think?


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