Mt. Sac weekend


Well the past couple of meets have been going well. Practice has been good and the work is put in! Tomorrow is the start of the my first hep of the year.

I’m not sure what to think because I’m not really nervous lol. God has done some amazing things this year and I’m excited to put it to work. It’s funny how I think that this time last year I was wearing two hamstring sleeves trying to figure out what god could have possibly had In store for me because it was not what I wanted.

Now I get a chance to do a multi where I can honestly say I know what I’m doing lol not just praying that I hopefully throw far or jump far or run fast. I can just DO… Because when I “try” instead of just doing I put a small bit of fear that I can not achieve it in the back of my mind. I will no longer try anything…

I’m simply going to DO it for me, for him!

It’s going to be an awesome weekend on the oval… My favs Vic and Bethany are chasing their Olympic trials qualifiers! Top heps and decs in the multi, Bryan Clay invite and book signing , Mt. Sac elite vault and open races!!!!

Got the multi girls Bre, Meg’s and Em getting after it tomorrow at 10 am ! AndCasey for his last go around as a cougar! Let’s get it !



2 thoughts on “Mt. Sac weekend

  1. B says:

    So proud of you, Tiff!! You have done the work and now it’s time to have fun! Give God the glory and don’t forget to smile! Love you! AO1! Isaiah 41:10

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