Canada Bound..

Sooo Its go time… I have put in the work for this moment. I get a chance to do a meet in Canada which will be so awesome! Some things have started to click on the track now its just time to go out have fun and let it all out. God has been so awesome providing supportive people and an awesome job (@gelinabaci) that understands my dreams and the amount of work that I put into it.

Flying out at 4:45am and then landing at 8:37pm LONG DAY but it will be worth it! best part of the trip…. I landed the same flight as @jakearnold lol and I get a chance to watch him get his trials qualifier!

It’s so exciting knowing this is it…. and we are READY for it.

AND BONUS: guess who im competing for…. Freedom athletics / Athletes in Action ! might as well take a trip down memory lane of being on the national track in Fiji dead tired but some how having enough strength from God to run just as fast or jump just as far as I ever have!


Lets go cougars in Indiana! I have seen you guys put in the work as well and you are so ready to take down nationals!


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