Recap…. 5 con…

Recap…. 5 connections missed flight and a flight services change later…. a long with a broken suitcase I LAND ! 

I have been here one day and it has been a blast! Its so cool hanging out with the rest of the USA heps and decs. Im totally that young person in the group excited about everything lol but its been great. WE started out down town for lunch at this cute lil pub place. Then walked around in ottawa which is a really beautiful place! Then we went to the track and did some high jump stuff which was great! 

Some how ended up talking about jakes dislike for gum because he steps in it due to people carelessness ( dramatic lol). 

The last part of the day we went down and got in the Ottawa River with some of the decs from canada and played with a bulldog boxer who smiled at us with his adorable poked out teeth lol, took a walk to a store that was not open( who closes a store before 6 on a thurs?? o_0) and lastly just BBQed on the patio and hung out with everyone.  

I still cant wait to compete the track is awesome and super fast. 



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