HEP 2 of 3 … Who will be Texas Greatest Athlete!

So after the hep  in Ottawa, I decided to do one a week later at Texas Greatest Athletes! I can honestly say at this point I have already done more heps this season than any other. I got a chance to travel with Jake again and Matt another USA dec. I meet some great people here as well! The first day of the hep was AWESOME I had a personal best ( PB)  in 100mh 13.95, average high jump 1.61, a PB in shot put  12.44 ( just under 41 feet), and a PB in the 200 25.4, totaling a first day PB score and setting me on the right path for the trials mark.

I think I was supposed to be at this meet for more than a reason of competing… but to see what the value of friendship and belief can do for someone close to you.

The whole time things were not really going according to plan with Jake, who also was trying to get the standard for Olympic trials that he had not preformed yet and had been battling injuries later on in season 10 months after hip surgery. Event after event he fell short for what he thought was his dream and score slipping away from him. You see being a multi is hard. You have to mental stay focused when you doing well and even more when you are doing bad. If any multi has ever told you that when they do bad they have never had the feeling of quitting is lying to you lol. BUT this is why you have God to lean on and friends that support you. After a trusty little pep talk and advice from me, friends around him, coaches and family he decided to go out and MAKE IT HAPPEN and get his trials qualifying score.

 The second day of the hep I woke up fired and ready to go!  Long jump is one of my most favorite events and I knew that I had been doing well at practice and all I had to do was go out and show up and everything should have been ok….

Well it SHOULD have been ok but for whatever reason I could not find the board ( line that you can’t pass on the runway or it is a fouled jump) to save my life!!!! You only get three attempts and the first jump I was wayyyyy behind the board, the second jump I was on the wrong foot, and after praying to God and asking him to just let me get a mark in I jumped 5.23 meters way less than I had done in a very long time. After I cried for a bit and then I tried to recover for the next 2 events javelin and the 800.

Javelin is just one of those events that I kind of just run and PRAY that it goes well lol. I don’t know why this event scares me so much I have an Olympic jav coach lol.  I came down the run way and punched the jav out of my hand as it soared the furthest I have ever thrown right out of the foul sector…. Disappointed and determined I went down the run way and tried again but #failed with a mediocre performance of only 35 meters. At this point I just wanted to PB in the 800.

After getting kicked around by Jake to go out and make it happen and run my tail off or i would have to pay for dinner lol,  the support of my coaches and Bryan Clay texting me to finish strong, I went out and ran a PB  of 2:27.02  and was even paced by a fellow competitor and new friend Bridget! Though I was still short of the 2:25 that I wanted I was still happy!

Still upset after scoring an overall PB by 30 points 5256 I was still kind of sad because I was still 200 points off the Olympic trials standard but I had been crawling my way up the 2012 list. Then Kev asked me if I wanted to do another HEP! Yes my 3rd one in three weeks and OF COURSE I said yes!

Happy about another chance I chilled around the track for Jake and the other decs to watch them kill it on the track. Everyone did well and I enjoyed Pole Vault most of all! Jake had the most confidence out there and it was a great experience because it made me see that even elite athletes that have been doing this for a long time struggle but put that aside to make a performance happen when needed.  That is what being a multi is… it’s not one event that changes it, it’s how you respond to all of them.

Jav and the 1500M run later… JAKE’s going to trials in Oregon with BRYAN!


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