Just tell them …

Just tell them how much they mean to you…

Today marked the start of 2014 outdoor season!!!!! First, Thank you Jesus for being pain-free!!!! The past 2 weeks have been…. well  uncomfortable to say the least :/. But with some prayers, awesome coaching, time off, and Casa Colina PT I have been MONEY!!!!! Hurdles was going good lol thennnnnn a slight crash happened from an outside lane. Thank GOD everyone was ok :). Long jump was AMAZINGGGGGG great start for the season and confidence booster after my WWIII battle with it at USA indoors lol.

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9 months, 3 weeks…4 days

9 months, 3 weeks, 4 days and counting…

So here is an update of my 2014 season hep opener:

Im pretty sure I was in a complete zone and if you were not my coach i didn’t talk to you lol ( sorry). I just needed to get in a groove and go out and do what I have been blessed doing all year!

Day 1 recap:

100mh was a season best, high jump was a great series!!!!  season best 1.72, Shot put was a second best multi throw lifetime, The 200 was a  PB in a multi. NOT a bad day for not one PB in any one event lol.

Then we came to the second day… Thanks to everyone that pieced me together lol!

Long jump was ROCKY ! First attempt was a big foul, then came down for the second jump and hit a season best of 5.85. Really wish that I could have taken my second jump but had a lil injury tweek! All in all I have great coaches I love that got me though and made me believe that I could put one out there i did just that!

Now… JAV… im not sure what happened but I was out of my zone! Lesson learned  to keep your faith in what you have already done even when you think its not going well :). Any lesson is a GOOD lesson.

AND THEN there was the 800… I am learning to like this race ( just a little) lol. I wont lie I was a little freaked out but I had a LOT of people that love and support me telling me that i could do it! That made all the difference in the world. You would think I was running a world record or something with the amount of people that were yelling at my for the first 200 lol haahhah. But Its like Bryan Clay always said… they are there to believe in you when you do not believe in your self! That belief ran me to an over all heptathlon PB and MORE in store!

Thanks to all my friends, coaches whom can just all be categorized as family :). The Journey continues with this one in the books!


You are beautif…

This is what every person SHOULD start the day off saying… No matter who tells you differently you still MATTER to someone up top!

Phil 2:3-4 is this years bible verse for the cougar track team and could not come at  a better time! Even if you never made your high school basketball team, or you got cut from a college tryout… you still matter and have the ability to bless someone by just being who you were created to be!




Here is the update on my campaign for 2014 track season!

Help me get there: