Just tell them …

Just tell them how much they mean to you…

Today marked the start of 2014 outdoor season!!!!! First, Thank you Jesus for being pain-free!!!! The past 2 weeks have been…. well  uncomfortable to say the least :/. But with some prayers, awesome coaching, time off, and Casa Colina PT I have been MONEY!!!!! Hurdles was going good lol thennnnnn a slight crash happened from an outside lane. Thank GOD everyone was ok :). Long jump was AMAZINGGGGGG great start for the season and confidence booster after my WWIII battle with it at USA indoors lol.

SO to start off the Blog!

If you could drive in the car a with an olympic medalist what is one thing it would be? Maybe something like, what motivated you? Was it worth it in the end? I think that best thing that could have ever happened to me was that instead of asking questions… I  listened…

In the journey you have to learn to love God, love others, and most apparently love yourself. As an athlete when you do bad the LAST thing you love is yourself … if you say you still you’re lying lol.

Life will throw you curve balls, and slap you  in the face. The one thing that picks you back up is people around you, learning about yourself, creating your OWN faith, accepting the past, and creating great life long friendships.

As I sat in that seat I started to see the importance of life. Learning to be vulnerable so that people can truly care about you. Or even allowing myself to be emotional and communicate when things upset me.

APU has been the biggest blessing of my life! Today I saw it more than ever 🙂  (ALL ) of My coaches aka my hearts, EVERY person that I have met and encountered have been apart of the beautiful master piece that God is creating piece by piece for His puzzle.

Sitting in the seat I saw that not everyone is perfect… even a world record won’t have 10 perfect events 😉


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