Get me to Boston for USA track and field nationals Feb 28th! 2015

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Hey Friends!

I know this is completely late notice lol, but for all of those who know me I have been on the journey to my 2016 USA Olympic trials dream! I was injured last year and was forced to take sometime off. I had amazing people helping me with this come back season! I started this season off strong for indoor and was able to make it to USA track and field nationals Feb 28th 2016 in Boston Massachusetts!! I was super excited because I was doubting the number one rule of sports… patience and hard work. I was able to put up a good score at my Norther Arizona Season opening meet to join and be 1 -12 pentathletes that will compete in the Reggie Lewis Center in Boston.

As excited as I was I had to look at it financially. I have never see the east coast and this CA girl has never driven in snow so I took a look at the host USA hotel and flights and it will be about 1300-1500 dollars to find a flight out of LAX to Logan airport weds Feb. 25th – sun. 29th evening after my race. I am asking you to help me get there! Anything will help considering I did not financially plan that much for this blessing to happen lol.

Thank you for everything along the way of this journey! Please please pray for me this just goes to show me I belong in this arena with these girls competing and ill be posting once I am there with links to watch!

Here is what I need!

1. You can either use chase quick pay , wellsfargo sure pay, or venmo app if you have it (Tiffeny Parker) to send me the money so that way I can book the flight ASAP! as they are going up by the minuet!

2. Any frequent flyer or rewards points : The host Hotel for USATF is the Boston Copley Marriott where I will be able to shuttle from the hotel to the track and do all my check in process and credentials there with out worry of snow and driving from another hotel! Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 9.40.03 AM

3. My contact info: Tiffeny Parker- 951-662-5624

Thank you for taking time to read this!!!! 🙂

Love and Blessings,