My Non Profit Startup!

Meet the Coaches: 


USA heptathlete

” I valued myself by my results. After my injury I made new rules: enjoy what I do and the opportunities afforded me every day. Never lose sleep over my sport, compete like I have everything to gain and NOTHING to lose.”  – Billy Demong

Tiffeny Parker-  

Jen Autry Photo
Jen Autry Photo

I  have extremely high energy, addictive personality, with a genuine heart and love for ALL around me. I strive to be the best person I can be and show everyone around me that they too can be the change that people see if they just believe.  I am a post collegiate Business Admin. & B.A Management and Marketing Alumni athlete from Azusa Pacific University

As a post collegiate Multi-event competitor in the Heptathlon , I live my life by Christ. I love people and sharing my life through fitness and track and field is a true blessing.

From Moreno Valley CA, I have made Azusa my home as I train for the 2016 Olympic trails. Without the help and support of generous donors who believe in me I would not be able to pursue this dream and passion.


Shot put- Pentathlon
Shot put- Pentathlon

SO TIFF… WHY FITNESS?  My end all plan in life is to start a non-profit organization for inner city/ community health and wellness where I would construct various fitness clinics, help raise awareness of health related disease and use my gifts every day to do so, and save someones life.

Even as an elite athlete I still need my coaches and supports behind me showing me for days, weeks, and sometimes months at a time their faith in me, when I do not have faith in myself. With the help of others around me I am able to touch lives and I hope that you join along for the ride! 



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