You are beautif…

This is what every person SHOULD start the day off saying… No matter who tells you differently you still MATTER to someone up top!

Phil 2:3-4 is this years bible verse for the cougar track team and could not come at  a better time! Even if you never made your high school basketball team, or you got cut from a college tryout… you still matter and have the ability to bless someone by just being who you were created to be!




Here is the update on my campaign for 2014 track season!

Help me get there:


How Are You Doing???

You know that point in a person’s life where they just want to say forget it about everything and EVERY one they are around. I find myself there more than often and get in moods where i just have to literally delete people in order to stay sane… thank you life. I have learned over the past couple of year to take the bad things that happen in your life and put it before God… But honestly today was one of those days where I found myself asking where he was because everything sucked.

There is nothing that a jog around that oval can’t fix. Whether it is running off some steam or just having a conversation with yourself about where you’re at in your life. It’s like that moment or 4 hours in my case when im running on big mama red herself, nothing else matters. I am free from drama, responsibility, and outside life.

Sometimes the pressure of having to perform, balance life, and keep friends and relationships functional can get overwhelming. everyone expects you to be on top of it 24’7 when sometimes you wish that you could just do something for you. 

There are times when things are taken away that are apart of you for so long like being an athlete, artist, musician etc., and you end up with just being a person. Those things are gifts that won’t last for ever. Body’s get weak, sight fades, and voices become unheard. Today as I warmed up all i could think about was how i didn’t want to be there today 1. because I was sleepy from the 3 hours of sleep i got and as I stayed there lap after lap i realized that I really just wanted to be happy again to LOVE what god gave me the ability to do and to do it well.

BUT- today no matter how hard I wanted to be there an only there i still found myself upset and still could not understand why this feeling would not go away! Thank God people know me better than I think sometimes. It took an older man who is on the track with his daughter everyday to show me that regardless of what was going on who is with me or gone , I would be ok.


Be a champion


I think I had the most inspiring time at night of champions last weekend. Heard great stories from awesome athletes, and hung out with some of the best people and family members I have! It was just an awesome time being able to hear people’s testimony and struggle that regardless of Fam chose to still give their life to the lord.

There was a beat boxer, fun houses, and thousands of kids playing games despite the heavy rain outside.

As I sat there looking around Apu gym I saw a hundreds of lights from glow sticks that each kid had in their hand waiving it as freely as they pleased. This instantly made me think of the light we as followers are supposed to shine on the world. Even though you are in complete darkness, there is something that is always going to shine through and give hope to others around you with out it.

2 things that stuck out to me was Jamie’s message “powered by god” and every time she struggled she said that to herself over and over aging because he was her strength. That is definitely something that I will not only take into my training but life as well… Powered by god… I really like the ring to that lol.

The last thing was the fact that I was able to pray and provide a bible to a high school boy named elijah who accepted christ. He was really happy that I came and talked to him, and the best part was him coming and finding me before he left just to say ” thank you mam”. God is def awesome and I know next year will be even better 🙂 !