You are beautif…

This is what every person SHOULD start the day off saying… No matter who tells you differently you still MATTER to someone up top!

Phil 2:3-4 is this years bible verse for the cougar track team and could not come at  a better time! Even if you never made your high school basketball team, or you got cut from a college tryout… you still matter and have the ability to bless someone by just being who you were created to be!




Here is the update on my campaign for 2014 track season!

Help me get there:


How Are You Doing???

You know that point in a person’s life where they just want to say forget it about everything and EVERY one they are around. I find myself there more than often and get in moods where i just have to literally delete people in order to stay sane… thank you life. I have learned over the past couple of year to take the bad things that happen in your life and put it before God… But honestly today was one of those days where I found myself asking where he was because everything sucked.

There is nothing that a jog around that oval can’t fix. Whether it is running off some steam or just having a conversation with yourself about where you’re at in your life. It’s like that moment or 4 hours in my case when im running on big mama red herself, nothing else matters. I am free from drama, responsibility, and outside life.

Sometimes the pressure of having to perform, balance life, and keep friends and relationships functional can get overwhelming. everyone expects you to be on top of it 24’7 when sometimes you wish that you could just do something for you. 

There are times when things are taken away that are apart of you for so long like being an athlete, artist, musician etc., and you end up with just being a person. Those things are gifts that won’t last for ever. Body’s get weak, sight fades, and voices become unheard. Today as I warmed up all i could think about was how i didn’t want to be there today 1. because I was sleepy from the 3 hours of sleep i got and as I stayed there lap after lap i realized that I really just wanted to be happy again to LOVE what god gave me the ability to do and to do it well.

BUT- today no matter how hard I wanted to be there an only there i still found myself upset and still could not understand why this feeling would not go away! Thank God people know me better than I think sometimes. It took an older man who is on the track with his daughter everyday to show me that regardless of what was going on who is with me or gone , I would be ok.


Be a Beast !

Just looked at the over all world indoor marks for the pentathlon. -_____- all I can say is… wow! Its amazes me how good these girls are. Certainly makes you work harder for sure! Had a couple good workout this past week with an awesome supporter, coach,  and friend. It amazes me when god gives you such a great gift others do not have and everyone can see it! Good things happen to great people, but so do bad things the goal is to keep pushing through the bad to get to your great. Not giving up and staying completely submerged in what you start will take you a  long way 🙂

Get it DONE!

To day was one of those days every track athlete loves… the day where you have grass strides and a warmup also known as the “off” day! It was actually kind of lonely for a while, kind of miss everyone being out there not going to lie :'(.

Now before I even get into detail with practice I have to tell you about the laziest thing I have every seen in my entire life LOL. This lady pulled out of the APU lot next to the health center right in front of me without looking. As I thought to my self… well maybe she is in a rush I guess then proceeded to drive. Going 5 MPH she passes 4 spaces before I saw red lights signaling her breaks being used and slightly turning the wheel to the right so that she could…. YUP you guessed it, “PARK” her car to be closer to the destination she was getting to… I laughed, shook my head, and went about my way. -______- that #reallyhappened #laziest thing EVER!

Ok Back to the important things. SO I was at practice finishing up and went over to watch the vaulters. I secretly wish I could do this event every time I go over there. I got a chance to not only help Casey Schade! figure out that when you vault you still have to run like a sprinter AND I got a chance to watch Ferin Berry clear a practice personal best! Coolest thing said by Casey: Bridget, im so glad you are staring out as a fresh vaulter you get to learn things the right way off the bat lol. Goes to show you just how much hard work can pay off. Somethings that you learn being an APU COUGAR #reasonswhywekillatnationals 😉

Praise God the Team got to Ohio Safe!

Tomorrows practice take down this high jump approach 1 step at a time! Got some good feedback from J.T. and its GO TIME!

Best thing all day Kevin Reid giving me the rest of the weeks workouts with Sunday’s work out saying “competition day … GET IT DONE”

Romans 8:24-28

3 days and counting…


I am SOOOOOO excited to 1. have a blog going. 2. Share with you everything that goes on throughout my track season! As I journey down the road of become an elite track and field athlete, I see the role hope and faith play not only in my belief but also in myself. Each day is a different day and I thank god for the people who I have around me. Kevin Reid and Mike Barnett are awesome inspirations. I also have a chance to train with the top decathletes in the world, and a legit hurdler for Haiti. I am placed in a situation every day where 100% of the time you race and fail because they are guys; elite, faster, stronger, and better. It’s the coming back the next day and doing all over that develops the character and shapes how bad you are willing to work to be what you want to be. It’s a fun process that I am excited to share with you guys as my season progresses!

First STOP INDIANA for USA Championships. I’m so thankful that the support for season has been going so well:). It’s crazy to see the people who are there to “believe in you when you do not believe in yourself”( Bryan Clay) at times. A list of sponsors will be here soon and the support letter will be posted… as soon as I figure out how to lol.

Here is a short clip of my collegiate days with the awesome training partners I had! Good luck at NAIA nationals in Ohio girls and guys team TEAR IT up cougars !!!!!!

Romans 8:24-28