Find Your Accountability Partner…

Hey there 🙂 
For those who know me, you truly understand my love for helping people get a healthy life. I am a personal trainer who has a dream  to start a non-profit inner city health and fitness program.  But I also love to show people how to keep that healthy life though diet and exercise. I was recently injured and could not perform my sport ( USA track and field). It has been 6 weeks since I have worked out. I started to depression eat and even though I am still not ” big” or over weight I felt horrible. I would wake up groggy from the processed foods and sugars, and I could not do ANYTHING without a coffee in the morning. My great healthy eating regimen of 4 years was slowly getting away from me. So I decided to talk to my coaches wife (stay at home mom of 3 kids under 10). She & He told me about this product that really has worked for her. It helped her control her diet, gave her energy, and increased lean muscle. She was able to run around with the kids and still take care of the house and once she started to feel better about her weight and fat loss she was able to do at home. I started it and loved it! I was able to get my body back on track and now have TONS of energy! I just want to share this with you because I think it will help. I know that everyone is not a super star athlete, but everyone can get the healthy life they have always imagined with just a little bit of help and an accountability friend :). 
My friends if you complain about headaches, body discomforts, loss of energy, tired moms, wanting to achieve weight loss and just get your life back in 2014?? I recently started taking a product that I feel the need to share with you because it has brought my energy to a new level. Message me if you want to hear about what I’m taking This stuff is pretty awesome!