22 Hours Closer

Well Guys!

It has been a while ūüôā . I was asked about this blog this week so I thought I would bring it back!!!!!

So many things have happened since last year. God blessed me with an amazing opportunity to train in Dallas Texas 22 hrs away from home (longest drive of my LIFE,  lol).

Moving away from what was “home” was the hardest thing for me to do. So hard that I kind of kept it a secrete because I knew that in order for me to really hear gods plan and direction I had to take emotion and relationships out of it completely. You will come to a fork in the road… but which path will you¬† choose?


I didn’t really understand that path or plan until I went back this past weekend to CA. There are so many people that helped me understand that God will take you to someplace, away from it, maybe even back to it again so that you are able to see what he has had planned all along. I missed out on relationships with people around me that I would have never grown to LOVE today if I had not left. It was shocking to me holding conversations with teammates that I had influenced just by following through with completely submerging myself in track not just because I loved it, but because I was determined to succeed in the one thing I believe God called me to.

Anyone who has made a major life change they know that it does not come easy. I found out it also does not come ALONE!

In my mind I thought I would easy. But nothing comes without work and commitment.

Being in Dallas and going back to CA made me realize I was in the best place for this journey. It was amazing to see to friends and family from home, but I am super happy and blessed to be able to get back to the daily people I train with including my amazing coach that I have and because they believe in who I am AND what I do so much!!! That bond as an athlete can make or break you.

Someone close to me would tell me all the time that the difference that makes a good athlete great is the extra 1% effort you put in. It’s your coach’s job to hold you back and your job to do more than expected. Do not settle for being placed in a box, challenge your self and risk it because you never know what you will be able to achieve or who you will influence in the process!

A couple of things that I have learned moving away is that without god… I really am nothing. I am just another body that gets to run around a track all day and anyone who knows me, knows that I HATE doing things aimlessly lol. And I will work until it kills me to understand things.¬† I love being the example that everyone is not a “god gifted” athlete with talent but, they can work hard/ accomplish so much and in the process see the bigger purpose.

You must have a greater purpose in life! I use to think that I was just “another” person on the field in a comp of great people. But in reality I am more. There are children, and even parents who follow my story because it gives them hope… that one-day if they stay faithful God will be able to use them also. right now you might not be big enough or strong enough but if you keep pressing you never know what can happen for the better ūüôā .

That hope, is bigger than any prize known to man. Knowing that who you are is GOOD ENOUGH, but it is what you do with that, that will change the path you walk. So I leave you guys with this;

You can only be as great as your faith (in Christ, & by who you surround yourself with etc). You might be the only living example of Jesus that someone sees so SHINE ON!

It’s been real!



James 1:4





Find Your Accountability Partner…

Hey there ūüôā¬†
For those who know me, you truly understand my love for helping people get a healthy life. I am a¬†personal¬†trainer¬†who has a¬†dream ¬†to start a non-profit inner city health¬†and fitness program. ¬†But I also love to show people how to keep that¬†healthy¬†life though diet and¬†exercise. I was recently injured and could not perform my sport ( USA track and field). It has been 6 weeks since I have¬†worked¬†out. I started to depression eat and even though I am¬†still not ” big” or over weight I felt horrible. I would wake up groggy from the¬†processed¬†foods and sugars, and I could not do ANYTHING without a coffee in¬†the¬†morning. My great healthy eating¬†regimen¬†of 4 years was slowly getting away from me. So I decided to talk to my coaches wife (stay at home mom of 3 kids under 10).¬†She & He told me about this product that really has worked for her. It helped her control her diet, gave her¬†energy, and increased lean muscle. She was able to¬†run around with the kids and still take care of the house and once she started to feel better about her weight and fat loss she was able to do at home. I started it and loved it! I was able to get my body back on track and now have TONS of¬†energy! I just want to share this with you¬†because¬†I¬†think it will help. I know that everyone is not a super star athlete, but¬†everyone¬†can get the¬†healthy¬†life they have always imagined with just a little bit¬†of¬†help and an¬†accountability¬†friend :).¬†
My friends¬†if you¬†complain¬†about¬†headaches, body discomforts, loss of energy, tired moms, wanting to achieve weight loss and just get your life back in 2014?? I recently¬†started¬†taking a product that I feel the need to share with you because it has brought my energy to a new level. Message me if you want to hear about what I’m taking¬†tiffenyparker@gmail.com. This stuff is pretty awesome!¬†