3 days and counting…


I am SOOOOOO excited to 1. have a blog going. 2. Share with you everything that goes on throughout my track season! As I journey down the road of become an elite track and field athlete, I see the role hope and faith play not only in my belief but also in myself. Each day is a different day and I thank god for the people who I have around me. Kevin Reid and Mike Barnett are awesome inspirations. I also have a chance to train with the top decathletes in the world, and a legit hurdler for Haiti. I am placed in a situation every day where 100% of the time you race and fail because they are guys; elite, faster, stronger, and better. It’s the coming back the next day and doing all over that develops the character and shapes how bad you are willing to work to be what you want to be. It’s a fun process that I am excited to share with you guys as my season progresses!

First STOP INDIANA for USA Championships. I’m so thankful that the support for season has been going so well:). It’s crazy to see the people who are there to “believe in you when you do not believe in yourself”( Bryan Clay) at times. A list of sponsors will be here soon and the support letter will be posted… as soon as I figure out how to lol.

Here is a short clip of my collegiate days with the awesome training partners I had! Good luck at NAIA nationals in Ohio girls and guys team TEAR IT up cougars !!!!!!

Romans 8:24-28