Get it DONE!

To day was one of those days every track athlete loves… the day where you have grass strides and a warmup also known as the “off” day! It was actually kind of lonely for a while, kind of miss everyone being out there not going to lie :'(.

Now before I even get into detail with practice I have to tell you about the laziest thing I have every seen in my entire life LOL. This lady pulled out of the APU lot next to the health center right in front of me without looking. As I thought to my self… well maybe she is in a rush I guess then proceeded to drive. Going 5 MPH she passes 4 spaces before I saw red lights signaling her breaks being used and slightly turning the wheel to the right so that she could…. YUP you guessed it, “PARK” her car to be closer to the destination she was getting to… I laughed, shook my head, and went about my way. -______- that #reallyhappened #laziest thing EVER!

Ok Back to the important things. SO I was at practice finishing up and went over to watch the vaulters. I secretly wish I could do this event every time I go over there. I got a chance to not only help Casey Schade! figure out that when you vault you still have to run like a sprinter AND I got a chance to watch Ferin Berry clear a practice personal best! Coolest thing said by Casey: Bridget, im so glad you are staring out as a fresh vaulter you get to learn things the right way off the bat lol. Goes to show you just how much hard work can pay off. Somethings that you learn being an APU COUGAR #reasonswhywekillatnationals 😉

Praise God the Team got to Ohio Safe!

Tomorrows practice take down this high jump approach 1 step at a time! Got some good feedback from J.T. and its GO TIME!

Best thing all day Kevin Reid giving me the rest of the weeks workouts with Sunday’s work out saying “competition day … GET IT DONE”

Romans 8:24-28